I hate being wrong

But when I am, I have to man up. I was wrong.
So wrong.
Interesting that Mario Balotelli is going back to Italy. AC Milan will better off. Also, I do think it helps to be in the domestic league for national team play. So Italy will likely be better off as well for Brazil next year.
Honestly with all the turmoil Balotelli brought, I think that Manchester City will be better off. They will have less to worry about.
But their goal production will go down. That is what got them over the hump last season. Without those late goals on the last day, the Red Devils will have had to build another shelf. Very interesting move.
Another interesting move is David Beckham to Paris Saint-Germaine. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/21281665.
Beckham seems to be chasing titles and prestige. He has a chance at another UEFA Cup. He will be working with Zlatan Ibrahimovic a very powerful striker. He is a good position.
Since he is unlikely to be able to get back onto the English National Side, these titles will be what make the end of his career most fulfilling.
So fulfilling that he is not even taking any money. That is a bold move for a guy with 4 kids.
Going to be an interesting year. And next year the World Cup will be very exciting.

The Fiestest of Goats

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