Newcastle 3 – Chelsea 2

This one was a slobberknocker. Only on the field. Not in the hooligan way. But these two teams fought it out hard.
In the first half, Demba Ba was kicked in the face. The kicker whose name I can’t remember should have gotten a penalty. But Newcastle was saved on that occasion. Strange that Ba got such horrible treatment at his old squad.
Gutierrez put in the first goal and only one of the first half.
One of the old men for Chelsea, Frank Lampard was able to put in a goal for the Blues. And Juan Mata put the Blues up.
In about the 61st minute Cisse put his hands on Ashley Cole’s neck. And they both got “cautioned”. WTFrak? Cisse should have been sent off immediately. No call for that. I am not sure if any of the officials were near. With TV cameras everywhere, it is easy to be outraged. But it might have gone unseen.
Then Moussa Sissoko put in two goals late. It was amazing to see. Both were good. The first on a breakaway. He made a run with his teammate. Took advantage of the rebound from the goalie that wasn’t covered well.
His second goal was just a strike from the 18. It was just a strong goal.
Excellent game. Lots of passion. But Newcastle was able to get it done.

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