Toulouse 0 – Paris Saint Germain 4

Now that I have the beIN channel, I am able to see more football/ soccer. Fox Soccer is focused on EPL and UEFA. They have some MLS games as well but they are still in preseason. They used to have Serie A games but less of them these days.
Anyway, beIN has more EPL, and La Liga along with Ligue 1 games. Some Serie A games as well. But they play a bunch of other sports stuff like Handball.
So last night they had PSG at Toulouse. It was a blood bath, sports-wise. PSG just beat them silly.
Zlatan Ibramovic is running rough shod over Ligue 1. Highest scorer. And PSG is doing well in UEFA. And they are three points clear on top of Ligue 1.
But the scoring was spread out. It got silly by the end. PSG just kept pouring it on. And Toulouse was not able to keep up. Not even close.
With David Beckham joining his old England coach Carlo Ancelotti, it will be interesting to see how PSG does.

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