Southampton 3 Manchester City 1

The Saints completely outplayed the “champ/chumps” today. The citizens looked like they did not belong on the pitch.
Puncheon got an early goal. Mostly a problem with the Citizen’s defense. It looked horrible to start.
Then Steven Davis just beat Joe Hart. Beautiful goal. Well if you dislike City then it is beautiful.
Edin Dzeko did City a service getting one back before half time.
But Gareth Barry’s own goal after half somehow help the Saint with their style for the game. I think partly Barry was afraid. He played the ball because he wanted City to have some sense of control. Unfortunately the play was the ultimate in undisciplined.
Southampton had great possession of the ball. They played a wonderful game. Simply keeping the ball away from City. They were able to win with possession. And three goals didn’t hurt. The defense held against a couple of valid challenges that City had. Southampton was clearly the better squad.
One take away is, Roy Hodgson might want to re-evaluate Joe Hart in goal for England. He is too vulnerable. I am not sure who else they have. But I guess some young man on the island better start stopping goals if the Lions want to be serious in Brazil next year.
Second take away is how awful the Citizens have been this season. Last season their saving grace was offense. Lots and often. Not defense. That is what got them the crown in extended time last year. Goals. They are not getting enough, thank goodness. They got rid of Balotelli who is shining at AC Milan. Maybe it is something with the club. Something toxic there. Their strikers only truly do well in pairs. But Dzeko was alone today and that was not enough, obviously.
I so delight seeing City fall even further behind. These losses are not just great. The losses make the title slip further away. The only thing they can hope for is for the Reed Devils to keep pace by losing.
Tomorrow MY team, Manchester United play Everton in London. I lament because to win they have to beat Tim “The Wall” Howard. I hate seeing my fellow countrymen beat in any manner. Especially after the loss to Honduras. At least that was away.
Don’t get me wrong, I want a Red Devils victory. I want a Red Devils EPL title. Heck I want a treble, which they are still in hunt for. I am ready to see increase in the trophy case.

The Fiestest of Goats

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