Queens Park Rangers 0 – Manchester United 2

Rafael had a strike at 23 minutes. From 30 yards out, Rafael just kicked an amazing strike.
Then in the second half, Ryan Giggs in the 80th.
Red Devils could have had two more. One from Robert van Persie in the first half. Even after he got hurt. And Ryan Giggs had a blooper late in the game.
David De Gea did not get challenged. He stopped two easy ones.
I am concerned about Danny Welbeck. He seems to not have his legs under him. Not sure what the deal is. I hope that is it just nothing. Just shaking off having to come in. Maybe he needs more minutes not more training.
There are other concerns. It is nice that the Red Devils are in contention for the treble. Especially with the 1-1 all tie with Real Madrid. But they need to maintain their health. There are a lot of games ahead.
Robert van Persie falling into a camera well can be so dangerous. Why is there cameras back there? RvP’s health will increase the chances of the treble. Need to stay healthy.
QPR looks ready for relagation. Horrible effort, if you can even call it that. I am glad. Easy win for Man U. No problem for me. But they just conceded the game easily.
That is all for today. From the Fiestest of Goats.

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