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Arsenal 1 – Manchester United 1

One for Theo Walcott early in the game. It was a beautiful goal even if it is against my favorite side. No denying how brillant the goal was. It was a good strike. Near the end of the first half, … Continue reading

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Nowhere else to complain about this

A friend asked me to help her out. She is going to a party. She wanted me to go with her, makes sure she doesn’t get too drunk. And most of all, make sure the guys there don’t do anything … Continue reading

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Luis Suarez biting his way to a ban

Luis Suarez has a ten game ban for biting another player. Back in 2010, he bite another player playing in Denmark. He suffered a two game ban back then. Why is this allowed to happened. He should be banned from … Continue reading

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Wigan 2 – Tottenham 2

Tottenham’s uninspired play today was almost like they are resigned to not play in UEFA not season. Gareth Bale and Clint Dempsey were out of position most of the game. The two goals the angry chickens got were more like … Continue reading

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3 for RvP; 20 for Manchester United

Robert vanPersie scored three times in the first half vs. Aston Villa on Monday. These goals sealed Manchester United’s 20th title in the English Premier League. This season’s best move has been picking up RvP. Although the Devils didn’t not … Continue reading

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Lament the EPL is not enough for ME

Champions League has been widdled down to four teams. Two from Germany: Bayern Muechen and Borussia Dortmund and Two from Spain: Real Madrid and Barcelona. FA Cup has been narrowed down to Wigan Athletic and Manchester City [that is very … Continue reading

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American Football and Dumb ‘Merica

As the World nears 2014, there are a lot of bad decisions being made. Exactly what the frak are Baltimore, The Ravens, The NFL, the Orioles, MLB and many others thinking here? Baltimore has the chance [rare as it … Continue reading

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