American Football and Dumb ‘Merica

As the World nears 2014, there are a lot of bad decisions being made.

Exactly what the frak are Baltimore, The Ravens, The NFL, the Orioles, MLB and many others thinking here?

Baltimore has the chance [rare as it might be] to host the biggest game of the season. And they are giving it up. Like they don’t want to be the focus of the nation.

Do they think they are getting a Super Bowl any time soon? Seriously! Do they think anyone other than a Ravens’ fan watched their parade? They are sorely mistaken.

The first game of the NFL season is an event[just like draft which is now rooted in NYC]. There is pregame music performance. Halftime music performance.

Not as big as the Super Bowl but NFL is willing to put the work in. But Baltimore is spurring all that.

I think this coming Super Bowl in New York will be the last and probably only cold weather Super Bowl. There are few venues that are cold weather college or pro Bowl games. And Baltimore is just willing to forfeit their chance at awesomeness [as Barney Stinson would say].

So when the opportunity for a first game of the season arrives, you have to take it.

The city of Baltimore should have intervened here. They are going to lose tons of focus. More than that, they stand to lose tons of revunue. DUMB!

For what? Pray tell? One of about 82 home baseball games. What kind of sense does this make?

The Ravens have either traded or retired most of their team. No real feeling that Ray Rice and Joe Flacco can actually carry a team. Especially a formerly all world defense. So what is the city thinking? By allowing tThihe spotlight to shift to Denver?

Is this little city so short sighted that it doesn’t see the opportunity to be in the spotlight?

This is the wrong call. By MLB, NFL, Ravens and the Orioles. By Baltimore. By all involved.

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!

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