Lament the EPL is not enough for ME

Champions League has been widdled down to four teams. Two from Germany: Bayern Muechen and Borussia Dortmund and Two from Spain: Real Madrid and Barcelona.

FA Cup has been narrowed down to Wigan Athletic and Manchester City [that is very hard to admit that the Citizens have gone further than MY beloved Devils].

Manchester United has been limited to only one trophy this season. And they should have wrapped that one up in early March. Citizens have hung in for much longer than they should have. Which upsets ME to no end.

Plus squeezers against the like of West Ham in a 2-2 draw are not champion like. RvP is not there to just get by. Neither Chicarito or Kazame. It is time to start dominating. Show the EPL who the true class of the league is.

Not the resurgent Blues from Chelsea who believe that Benitez should go out with a bang in Europa. NO!

MAN U is the best !!

I am ready for the Red Devils to get their 20th title.

Ready for this season to be wrapped in a bow and delivered to the fans/

But even more bad news is on the horizon: . Then again, we are the best if not the biggest. One does not correlate to the other.

Just have to get the domestic title and close out a great season.

The Fiestest Goat !!

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