Arsenal 1 – Manchester United 1

One for Theo Walcott early in the game. It was a beautiful goal even if it is against my favorite side. No denying how brillant the goal was. It was a good strike.

Near the end of the first half, Robert vanPersie was able to put in a penalty. To have an equalizer.

The rest of the game was well played. It was truly a contest. But no really good chances. There were more shots. There were some good shots too. The ball wasn’t controlled by either side. It was pretty even in terms of possession. Most of all, it was a great game in North London.

Of course, I owudl liek to see the Red Devils win everytime they are on the pitch. But solid play to finish out this season is more important. Show everyone in the EPL why Man U. are the champs!

The Fiestest Goat

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