Nowhere else to complain about this

A friend asked me to help her out. She is going to a party. She wanted me to go with her, makes sure she doesn’t get too drunk. And most of all, make sure the guys there don’t do anything she doesn’t want to happen. Unpaid security.

She asked me yesterday about it. Last night. I was looking forward to going. I haven’t been to a party in a while. Actually, isn’t true that she just out and out asked me. She brought up the subject. Looked like she was going to need help. We were talking about. I offered and she jumped on it. I didn’t try to embarrass her by asking, “Why didn’t you just ask?”

I am interested. And she thinks that if all goes well, she will be invited back. Which is true. But I may not be in the area next time. I travel a lot. I am not just always around. So I may miss out. How nice of her.

Then today she said I wasn’t needed. Why? I have no idea. No explanation. Just a note that she was going alone and wasn’t going to need me.

She asked for my help to make sure she was safe. Make sure something doesn’t happen. Unless she wants it to.

Now she thinks she can handle it herself.

Overconfidence is so delusional. And it can get you hurt. She asked me to go with her to make sure that didn’t happen. But who will protect her now? If she could do it herself, why invite me?

Why did she ask me if she could do it herself? Seriously. She is delusional.

I have had a horrible time making friends around here. Because I can’t seem to relate to people around here. They say they are going to do something. Then renege. It happens everywhere. But it seems to happen way more often now and here.

I hate people who flake. It is ugly too.

I was supportive the whole way through. I was disappointed. But I encouraged that she go and have fun.

Now she has the nerve to ask her to “fluff” her up. To pump up her attitude. To give her more confidence.

WTF? I am trying to keep my cool. But seriously? She can’t even get ready without me there. How does she think she will be safe and comfortable having fun without me?

I am not saying this because I am that arrogant. I mean, she asked me because she was nervous. Now she is more worried about what the guy who invited would think.

Now, did she ask him? No. She is just assuming.

So I am going to miss out. I would be one of many. I doubt that it would ruin things if I went. I would just add to the fun. But she won’t even ask. I am really pissed off. I will just keep it inside.

I lost a lot of respect for her. She is like everyone else in this area. People here are not considerate of the feelings of others. They think that is just cool to waste other peoples’ time. It is really my own fault for thinking she was different. She is a resident. I should have expected her to act like a native. I underestimated that she was just another local. So sad.

Actually, I will blog about. Get it out this way. Hopefully it will purge me of my thoughts and feelings. Hopefully I can let it go.

I wish she had never mentioned it to me. Now I am obsessing over it. And I feel like I am missing out. I cleared my night so that I could do and be supportive. Maybe have some fun too. But she just won’t budge. Doesn’t understand. And it really uncool. At least from my perspective.

She ended up getting so hurt she had bruises all over her body. Bruises she couldn’t even remember.

The person who was supposed to watch her instead of me ended up leaving her alone in a hotel room. She was drunk. She doesn’t even remember what all that happened. Not before she got drunk. Definitely not after either.

None of this made me happy. I wish I had been there to help her. But that was her call. She seemed none too pleased by either the bruises or memory loss. I am not rubbing it in. It does not make me happy. But I wish she had just taken me to help out. As is, can’t be sure what actually happened.

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