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WWKS stands for What Will Kanye Say? Kanye West is the musical guest tonight on Saturday Night Live. Why? ‘ Is Lorne Michaels losing his mind? No way you can let Kanye near a live mike. That is just asking … Continue reading

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Why did the Taun-Taun freeze?

In the beginning of Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back; Han’s Taun-Taun freezes. Why? The Taun-Taun is a native of Hoth. The rebels didn’t bring them with them. It is an outside creature, right? Why would it freeze in its … Continue reading

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Manchester United 0 – Chelsea 1

Losing at Old Trafford is never a good thing. The Red Devils already have a championship. That is a good thing. But getting as many points at the top of the table has to maintain as the true goal. This … Continue reading

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Not one second

The title signifies how long Andrew Bynum played this season for the Philadelphia 76ers. The three team summer trade with the Lakers and Nuggets was horrible. Doug Collins quit. Not because of this trade. But the Sixers lost a lot. … Continue reading

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Swansea City 0 – Manchester City 0

There are a ton of soccer [football] matches played every year. Many of them result in a 0-0 ending. But that doesn’t mean that the matches are boring. Well this one was very boring. Not only was there no scoring … Continue reading

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Why do I like the TV show Happy Endings?

The repeated references to not liking LeBron James. Earlier in this third season. In reference to championships: Jane Kerkovich-Williams said something to the effect of, “The shortened season doesn’t count. LeBron still needs to win 6!” Then in the episode … Continue reading

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Norwich 1 – Aston Villa 2

Aston was able to get that late goal to get the win. Made a great move during stoppage time that was able to seal the game. It was a well matched game. But that late goal was able to push … Continue reading

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