Not one second

The title signifies how long Andrew Bynum played this season for the Philadelphia 76ers.

The three team summer trade with the Lakers and Nuggets was horrible.

Doug Collins quit. Not because of this trade. But the Sixers lost a lot. Not only a roster spot. Not only money. They lost a first round draft pick. As a result, there was no money for free agents. And one of the two rounds was off limits to the Sixers. Nothing there that a coach can work with.

Andre Iguodala [the real AI] of the Denver Nuggets just got knocked out of the playoffs by the Golden State Warriors. He played really tough on a good team. Other than his Olympic Gold; not much good out of this trade.

Dwight Howard was a nightmare for the LA Lakers. And will continue to be until they decide what to do with him. Honestly, he can not carry a team. He proved that in Orlando. I am not sure if LA sees him as the future. But the bright lights are far too bright for him.

And Andrew Bynum just sitting around. Not doing nothing. Maybe that was his plan? So that he didn’t have to play for the Sixers. Stupidier things have happen. Hopefully he is traded so that the Sixers get some value for this trade. So far, they have not gotten anything.

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