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Manchester City 4 – Manchester United 1

No Bueno !

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Why can’t Schmidt have a three person polyamorous relationship?

I am being completely serious. Schmidt, Elizabeth and Cece all in one relationship. “Schmidt and Elizabeth in the main photo. A photo of Cece is creepily gazing over her shoulder, as I fear she always will be in this relationship.” … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz is making sure that Obamacare passes. Good Job Ted Cruz!

Senator Ted Cruz should be writing not talking. He should be writing a bill that will pass the House, Senate and President. He should be using this critical time to write a bill that will pass. Making sure the government … Continue reading

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How I Met Your Mother : Final Season coming up- No Spoilers just hypothesis

With the How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) series final season about to start; I am bothered by one nagging thing. I wonder if Robin and Barney actually got married. During the season finale in May, it didn’t seem like … Continue reading

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