How I Met Your Mother : Final Season coming up- No Spoilers just hypothesis

With the How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) series final season about to start; I am bothered by one nagging thing. I wonder if Robin and Barney actually got married.

During the season finale in May, it didn’t seem like their wedding was a happy affair. They had a bunch of little things go wrong along the way. Heck, the whole “courtship” was rife with problems. From Patrice to the “The Playbook” to the awesome Johnny Lawrence enhanced bachelor party.

A fan would think that you would at least see Barney and Robin at the altar, right?

But what if Robin backs out? Seems like she might. It would add a bunch of strife to this final season if Robin is “fighting it out” with the real Mother.

Also: I like this logic here.

So will Mother be named Tracy? Will they try to not say her name at all? Should be interesting. Looking at imdb, she wasn’t named officially during the episode:

Or maybe I am just another schomo with a hypothesis. Just like this hypothesis which is wrong:

I really enjoy the show but glad it is ending. The writers better make it good.

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