Ted Cruz is making sure that Obamacare passes. Good Job Ted Cruz!

Senator Ted Cruz should be writing not talking. He should be writing a bill that will pass the House, Senate and President. He should be using this critical time to write a bill that will pass. Making sure the government does not shut down. Doing what is best for all people. But instead, he is doing what is best for himself and some people.

Instead he is going something that people truly hate about Washington; just talking. Well maybe I shouldn’t be pontificating like that. I don’t have any true stats or data to back that up. I should just speak for myself. I hate when politicians talk. Would be nice to see a politician who is about action. Writing bills. Passing bills. Actually doing what you were sent to the Senate to do.

If Senator Cruz took this time to write a bill, it would be better spent. While he is there talking; he could use the time wisely and actually write a valid and passable bill. The Democrats in the Senate are not fully happy with Obamacare. There are parts that could be stopped or postponed. Senator Cruz could have spent time talking about that. Having a dialogue. Talk to the Senators about what give and take could happen. Get rid of this. Change this. Massage that. But his hard line stance has ensured that few people on either side of the aisle are willing to listen. So instead he is spouting non-sense.

Instead he is acting poorly and Twisting Star Wars quotes:

Or instead he is doing some bad public speaking by Reading Green Eggs and Ham:

I am not a Texas voter. I didn’t send Senator Cruz there. But I can guarantee I will not vote for him for national office. He doesn’t know how to compromise. He doesn’t know how to work with people. It is his way or the highway. He is pissing everyone off. It is nice that he is standing up for something. But there is no ideology that is universal. Not even “universal health care”. So everyone has to work with someone. Even when there is a position of power, groups still have to figure out how to work together to get to the goal. Teachers work with students or they don’t graduate. Bosses work with employees to make sure that the products get turned out. And Republicans work with Democrats to get laws passed Or else, nothing gets done. Bottom line: He doesn’t know how to do the job.

Senator Cruz talks about “The People” as if there is a monolithic block that is unwavering. That 100% of Americans have said they are against Obamacare. Sorry Senator Cruz, that is just a lie. So what Senator Cruz should be looking at is COMPROMISE. 100% of Americans do know that is needed. He would strengthen his argument if you knew how many people. A percentage. But Senator Cruz probably feel emboldened by saying “The People”. When realistically, it is just a weak claim.

If he had actually written a bill, he could have spent the time actually reading it. Instead his righteous stand has a bunch of foolishness that includes the clips I put above. For now, Senator Cruz is just doing what he does best=bloviating. He has done only one thing by talking; he is ensuring that Obamacare passes. Good job on passing Obamacare by not doing your ACTUAL job.

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4 Responses to Ted Cruz is making sure that Obamacare passes. Good Job Ted Cruz!

  1. Mike says:

    I don’t understand why you care enough to take the time to post on him. If he’s being an idiot, and you disagree with him, then let him be an idiot. Unless you’re worried about something…

    • drphlgoode says:

      Who said I disagree with him? Did you read MY post?
      I disagree with how Senator Cruz used the time, yes. I think the time would have effective in making changes that can be made now. Today. There are parts of the law that could have been amended. Parts of the law that could have changed today. Might not be everything. But Rome wasn’t built in a day. That is why the Constitution can be amended. When changes need to be made, they can be. But instead:
      So nothing got done in those hours. Why not talk only about the bill? Why not sit there with an American made laptop and type up a new bill? I think that would have been an affective use of time. Don’t you? Have the Senators in there. The American public can see on CSPAN who is saying what. No behind closed doors meetings. No secrets. We could have seen the changes made, in the open and know what the Senate truly does believe.
      Instead the bill goes forth with no change.
      Having conviction is nice but if it leads to inaction; what is the point?
      Let’s do something!
      your wordpress name is: Make An Effort. I like that. Let’s look at Senator Cruz’s effort[http://calorielab.com/burned/?mo=se&gr=09&ti=Miscellaneous&wt=150&un=lb&kg=68]:
      Calorie burning activity 15 min 1 hour
      While talking 9 34
      Writing, doing desk work, typing 14 54
      Senator Cruz was not making the right effort.
      If you read my original post on this blog you know; I am real American. I care about this country. I care about every person in it. I worry that about all bad laws. I haven’t commented on many because I get comments that assume something. I never said I disagree with Senator Cruz. I never called Senator Cruz an idiot.
      I am worried. I am worried about this law. I am worried that businesses are hiding behind this law and doing bad business like the under-regulated 1990s. I am worried that Obamacare will cost way too much and not actually improve health. I am very worried.
      When I see something I want to change, I work on changing it. I am willing to make the effort.
      I care enough about this country not just him. Please do not assume I am worried about if.
      If you have a question, I would be happy to dialogue. But please do not put words into MY mouth.

      • Mike says:

        Fair enough. But you also advocate Compromise… Compromise is what got us here. Compromise is what has lead to the final piece of the Socialist platform being passed in the form of Obama Care. Regardless of the issues you list (accurately) it is Bipartisanship and “getting something done” that has brought us to this point. Cruz was doomed… but that is also not the point. If anything is to change, in any meaningful manner, then stark differences need to be illustrated. What Cruz did didn’t hurt whatever efforts may be going on in the background to dismantle Socialized Medicine. As far as alternative, you apparently do not recall the various plans the Republicans offered in place of this legislation. You also have seemed to forget that this bill was “passed so we can see what’s in it” by a Democrat Controlled House, Senate and Executive. The Republicans were Locked Out of all meetings and prevented from providing any input. I might have to change the name of my site to “Trytoremember” or “Understandwhywearehere” in order to convey the correct message in this case.
        I’m not slighting you… I’m only fascinated by those who disagree with Cruz yet are giving him attention. Harry Reid was right when he stated that Cruz was just doing this raise money… and good. Reid is just angry that he didn’t think of some way to capitalize on this. Cruz isn’t wasting anyone’s time, all he is doing is rallying those we will need to dismember this Statist nail in our coffin.
        Please don’t be mad, just think about what you think. And, if you don’t think Cruz is an idiot… then I didn’t put words in your mouth. If you do, then you put words in your mouth. In the end I’m glad you’re worried… that means far more to me than your agreeing with anything I write. Fear is motivation, and it will help you find your way.

  2. drphlgoode says:

    I agree with you on some things but not others. Main thing I disagree on is that Senator Ted Cruz did more by talking than by writing. I fundamentally can’t agree that a filibuster changes anything. And the proof is, not one change was made to Obamacare.

    I agree that the Republicans offered plans. I don’t know what if any plan Senator Cruz offered. I am not talking about Republicans. I am talking what Senator Cruz needed to do with his over 21 hours. And what Senator Cruz could have done to be constructive. Cruz wasn’t a Senator when Obamacare passed. And I haven’t followed closely enough to say what if any plan Senator Cruz has offered.

    If nothing or little, Cruz is using the Obama playbook. It is the same thing Obama did about the Iraq War. Commenting but not doing anything. Obama was wrong for not making a change. Cruz is wrong for not making a change. Bottom line: Obamacare is moving forward in totality.

    I do know that there are Democratic senators who do not like the individual mandate. So that could have changed. Instead, over 21 hours merited not one change.

    I agree that there was some compromise that got Obamacare passed. But it didn’t favor Republicans/Conservatives/Tea Party. And no changes now. Saying no is not making a change. Saying no didn’t stop Obamacare. And neither did Senator Cruz. So that is an f for failure.

    I agree sometimes compromise is wrong. 3/5’s was a bad compromise and should never have been made. But sometimes compromise does need to be made. President Reagan worked with Speaker O’Neill. President Clinton worked with Speaker Gingrich. Some things have to be give and take.

    Getting part of the law struck down would be much better than none.

    Senator Cruz represents Texas but he talks like he represents America. He doesn’t. This was a chance to do something. I agree with what you said that Obamacare was passed by a Democrat Controlled House, Senate and Executive. But upheld by the balance of the Supreme Court. So all those efforts in the background you mention will fail if on 1 October it becomes law of the land. Senator Cruz had the national stage rightfully and he failed.

    Why? He used Sam I Am. The story where a guy says that he doesn’t like something that he has never tried and when he does, he likes it. That is a bad metaphor to read from. Would be better to actually write a good bill, my opinion. But he read something he obviously doesn’t understand. And that is not a good analogy. That is a failure

    He also tried to draw an analogy to Star Wars. But he used the voice of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader. Vader is mistakenly identified as bringing balance to the force. But if you have read in the expanded universe of Star Wars, Vader’s own grandson becomes a Sith Lord. So the dark side still exists. Another failure and incorrect assessment.

    So even his reading was wrong. If he was writing and it got voted down, at least he would have something to show for it. What he has now is Obamacare. So once again, good job to Senator Cruz on making sure it passed.
    Senator Cruz may not have wasted time. But I would like one person who was swayed by him. One name. Inside or outside is consistency. Anyone. Would anyone stand up and say that Senator Cruz’s words changed their mind?
    His filibustering was unrealistic. And if there is proof he made a change, I will retract my statement.
    Last, I can’t let anyone misinterpret anything I say. I will not let it be specified or implied that I called Senator Cruz an idiot. I did not. I will not. This is MY blog. I will address it as I please. You have your own blog. Write what you want. Post a link. I can’t control what you do there. But I will comment on MY own blog. And I will clarify when I feel it is necessary.
    So if you have proof, fine. No proof. No dice. I didn’t say Senator Cruz wasted time but I did imply it. But I neither implied nor specified that Senator Cruz was or is an idiot. And I will not let that stand. That will change in THIS blog.

    But I am glad there is Hope that Obamacare will Change. Would have been nice to see it happen. MAYBE next time?

    Maybe I am wrong but I think that a partial victory is better than a complete failure. Right now, you lack of compromise means complete failure with no hope for victory. Bet you want some of Obama’s hope and change now? Because on 1 October, the change isn’t going to be No OBAMACARE which based on your replies is what you want. Could have partial but you must prefer ZERO percent and Complete Failure!

    I don’t accept failure.

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