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Good Guys don’t win

I got dumped, in part, because I want to do charity. Seriously. Update: At least I got this T-Shirt for my effort. Even better, I helped to serve 600 people. I guess that is not enough of a sacrifice. Then again, … Continue reading

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I am a lifelong Sixers fan

But the fact that Andre Iguodala was traded for a guy who played zero minutes for the Sixers was the dumbest thing they could have done. Why get rid of an Gold Medalist and All Star who can do stuff … Continue reading

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El Tri might be serious

A 5-1 win for Mexico over New Zealand in Estadio Azteca is impressive. Basically using Club America to win this match. They are the current league champs. That makes sense. They did not even use their players from European clubs … Continue reading

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PAC 12 is playing its way out of the BCS Championship

PAC 12 is screwing itself. The victory of the Stanford Cardinal over the Oregon Ducks is setting the PAC 12 [a good league] back. Utah Utes outplayed Stanford. It was not a fluke. Stanford did not take the Utes seriously. … Continue reading

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Winless Teams with new update

I had to check the schedule but it is true. Both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Jacksonville Jaguars do not play each other this season. Both are still winless. That eliminates an easy way to have at least one of … Continue reading

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Did I miss something?

On Monday Night Countdown I heard the panel talk about whether offensive lineman for the Miami Dolphins Richie Incognito will be back on the Miami Dolphins this year. They all said no. Riley Cooper the wide receiver for the Philadelphia … Continue reading

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Just Ask The Saints

We all hope for a speedy recovery by John Fox and Gary Kubiak. Their respective health ailments need to be taken seriously. Hopefully both are resolved quickly. Bad enough having players on injured list, even worse when the coaches are … Continue reading

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Football Girlfriend Rankings

Football Girlfriend Rankings – In Descending Order Now that the BCS [farce] rankings are coming out; I have become beholden to watching the rankings. I am enthralled in the games. But then some algorithm will ultimately make the choice. I … Continue reading

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