PAC 12 is playing its way out of the BCS Championship

PAC 12 is screwing itself. The victory of the Stanford Cardinal over the Oregon Ducks is setting the PAC 12 [a good league] back.

Utah Utes outplayed Stanford. It was not a fluke. Stanford did not take the Utes seriously. That is why they lost.

I think Oregon took Stanford seriously last night. But I also think that Marcus Mariotta took too many chances. Held the ball too long. He is a great player. I prefer Florida State Seminole Jameis Winston because I think he is a little bit better. But Mariotta is obviously a great player. But all these guys, all of them, get told they are they need a “Heisman moment”; particularly against a top 10 team. They are told that is what got Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M Aggies his award last year. But the Heisman is an award for the best player throughout the year, not for one moment. [Quick aside- with the exception of the BCS Championship Game, Manti Te’o from Notre Dame Fighting Irish was the best player in college football in 2012].

There are too many voters in the South who think that SEC is king. But quality teams are playing out west too. Without a clean record and remaining unbeaten; the Pac-12 won’t even notice. Like all the excellent play by Arizona State’s Marion Grice. Rarely hear him and he is one of the best all-around athletes playing football anywhere. Sad. #SECbiasisreal

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