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University of Texas – Austin Football Coaching Job

Sports writers and radio guys are having a field day speculating who will take the Texas Head Coaching position. I have yet to hear a plausible reason for any of the potential candidates to actually want the job to actually … Continue reading

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Grudge Match is a funny movie!

On Tuesday 17 December 2013; Thanks to a little donation to the Salvation Army and Carrington Harrison on the 610 am radio station out of Kansas City; I was able to see the new movie Grudge Match . It was … Continue reading

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Why do Raider Fans get such a bad reputation?

As the unofficial Raider Nation Ambassador, I feel I have to address certain issues that arise. One has gotten my attention here lately. I think Raiders fans get a bad reputation because of our love for the Black and Silver. … Continue reading

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Heisman likely going to go to

Jameis Winston on the 14th of this month. He is the best player in college football this year. He has played the best this season. His team is number one. Going into the BCS game, he will be the focus … Continue reading

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Florida State Seminoles vs. Auburn Tigers

The BCS Championship is set. Florida State Seminoles  vs.  Auburn Tigers. I am not sure if Auburn’s defense is up to stopping Florida States’ offense. All things considered. That will be the most interesting match-up to see. I was really … Continue reading

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The Lees have some good movies out

By a stroke of luck I got free passes to The Best Man Holiday three days before it comes out in theaters. It was worth the 14 year wait. Malcolm Lee’s tell of seven college friends in 1999’s The Best … Continue reading

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TV Stand made on 20131201

I couldn’t find a pre-fabricated stand that was going to do what I needed. So I made my own. I went to Home Depot. I kind of knew what I wanted. But I was pretty fluid on what would do … Continue reading

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Strange things that don’t make sense to me.

1. If the owner of a house tells you to leave their house [not your’s and not shared/our’s. Wholly their home], can they claim you abandoned them when you leave like they asked? 2. Funny how someone says they are … Continue reading

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US Soccer in tough group for World Cup 2014

Group G for the World Cup Championships next year in Brazil will be a tough group for anyone to come out of. The United States is going to have to work harder to get through this group. The Outlaws [United … Continue reading

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