The Lees have some good movies out

By a stroke of luck I got free passes to The Best Man Holiday three days before it comes out in theaters. It was worth the 14 year wait. Malcolm Lee’s tell of seven college friends in 1999’s The Best Man was a real story. Full of grown ups. Tailored to the black audience but has universal appeal.

In much the same way, The Best Man Holiday has elements that most people can identify. Although parts of it has wealth. Some of the wealth obscene. Still, there are struggles. There are regular people problems. And they can only come together as a group to get through it all. Just like the first time. It a good movie and a good time.

Malcolm’s cousin also made a movie this year. It is a remake of a South Korean film named Oldboy. And Spike Lee did a really good job with this film. It has been ten years of adoration for the original which has become somewhat of a classic. So since it is a remake of a classic, that is in another language, it was a big chance to take.

It was a chance worth taking. The movie is excellent. The acting is really good. Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen, Michael Imperoli and Sharto Copley. There are some noted changes to the script but still close to the original.

And Sam Jackson does a good job in another Spike Lee film. They make a decent symbiotic pair.

This is probably Spike’s best movie in a decade.

So the Lees have some good films out. One is a good film and appropriate for the holidays. The other is just a good film.

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