US Soccer in tough group for World Cup 2014

Group G for the World Cup Championships next year in Brazil will be a tough group for anyone to come out of. The United States is going to have to work harder to get through this group. The Outlaws [United States Soccer Supporters] are going to have to come out in force in support of their squad.

Germany- One of the perennially good teams. I mean, The US coach Jurgen Klinsmann is German! Along with Brazil and Spain, the Germans have the skills to win any tournament they enter. They have a legitimately solid team. All around; attack, defense and midfield are all tough. Definite international superstar in Mesut Ozil upfront. They can play patient or fast. There is no doubt that top to bottom, the Germans will present the toughest overall game to the US.

Portugal- One of the best attacks in of football. Cristiano Ronaldo is the best footballer in the world. Nene is going to be in top form. There defense is not as tough. But if you get behind, it is hard to get back even with them. Speed is their best attribute. Just ask Sweden.

Ghana- There are an excellent team. Very tough defense. They have been a thorn in the US side for a long time. The Black Stars are a one of the overall finest teams. There forwards are the least effective of all the teams in the group though. They will use their defense to set up scoring opportunities.

The United States chances are good. Like any top team, they will have to play solid football throughout. I do like US chances in Brazil!

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