University of Texas – Austin Football Coaching Job

Sports writers and radio guys are having a field day speculating who will take the Texas Head Coaching position. I have yet to hear a plausible reason for any of the potential candidates to actually want the job to actually get it. Just because it is Texas doesn’t mean that every available coach will swoon at the opportunity.
Like Nick Saban, where is the upside for him? Money? Seriously? I think he enjoys winning a lot more than money. Otherwise he would have stuck it out in the NFL. He didn’t because he was losing. No real way to turn it around. I can’t see him leaving Alabama. But weirder things have happen.
It is more realistic to go after a guy like Jim Tressel. But the problem there is, Tressel is still serving out a punishment. I am sure he will enjoy continuing to work at Akron instead though.
There are some pro coaches who would make a good replacement. But the sports writers are talking about the wrong coaches. Like Mike Tomlin. Why would he leave the Steelers? He has been to two Super Bowls. I don’t see the upside for him.
A better candidate would be someone like Mike Shanahan. He should realize that unless John Elway comes out of retirement; he isn’t not going to succeed in the NFL. It is a lost cause. College might be a better venue for his “talents”. Of course, this is contingent on the Washington team actually firing him.
Gary Kubiak would make a good hire. He has already been let go. He is a good coach. Went through a lot with the Texans. He had some success the two seasons before this one. He would make a great coach there. He wouldn’t even have to leave the state. But he could still coach in the NFL as well. He has a talent for it. Maybe to even win a Super Bowl in the right situation.
Another coach that would have to be fired is Jason Garrett. He is also already in Texas. But like Shanahan, he does still have a job right now. So there is that hurdle that has to be cleared. Not sure how well Garrett would do in the job though.
Another realistic hire would be Ed Orgeron. He did a good job filling in at USC. The Trojans played hard for him. He has the chops. I think he will bring a craving to the job. A desire to win. I believe he might bring the most to the job. Probably the best candidate and I rarely hear his name mentioned.
I am sure there are more available coaches. I am not sure why they mention guys who are either not available or would not be good for the job. But this will be a discussion that will go on. Likely even after the hire is made.
The real question is, can Texas actually return to national prominence?

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2 Responses to University of Texas – Austin Football Coaching Job

  1. Todd Jacobs says:

    I would like to see tony dungy! He’s a proven winner and I like mike shanahan

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