Why do Raider Fans get such a bad reputation?

As the unofficial Raider Nation Ambassador, I feel I have to address certain issues that arise. One has gotten my attention here lately.
I think Raiders fans get a bad reputation because of our love for the Black and Silver. Because we feel it in our’ hearts and bones. The joy we get from spreading our commitment to excellence all over our opponents is ceaseless.
Of course in the last decade, that joy has been few and far between. Same with wins. But in the much closer to parity league that is the NFL, next year could indeed be our year again.
Still the bad reputation of Raider fans is known throughout the league. But I am not sure it is well deserved. While the Raiders on the field have wrecked havoc and destruction on their opponents. The same cannot be said of the Raider Nation.
I went the Raiders vs. Chiefs game in Kansas City. Coming out of the restroom, a man simply yelled at me. Not any phrase or words. Simply yelled at me and pointed. I am guessing because I was wearing raider gear.
Btu it could be argued, at least this season, that O.Co the Oakland Coliseum is not even the most dangerous stadium in the AFC West.
1) Arrowhead Stadium. On 1 December 2013, a man was beaten to death during the loss to the Denver Broncos as they were beating the Chiefs. Investigation is ongoing.
2) Sports Authority Stadium at Mile High. On 12 December 2013, four people were stabbed after the San Diego Chargers beat the Broncos. Investigation is ongoing.
Seems to me, The Broncos have more violence around them then the Raiders. So why is it that Raider fans have a bad reputation? Because we are loud? Because we are vigilant?
As Raider Ambassador, I would like to change the way that the Raiders are perceived. The way that Raider Nation is perceived. So that the Raiders can return to prominence once again. One way or another.
I hope to win the Courtyard Hotel’s Sweepstakes. Then I will be able to spread the Raider Nation message. Peace in the parking lot, mayhem on the field. One day, I will be able to get that message out there. One way or another. And the Raiders will be the envy of NFL.

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