Thin line between love and hate

Sugar Bowl 2014
I hate that Alabama made me cheer for Oklahoma.
I love that Alabama lost their bowl.
This loss obliterates all the EPSN commentators who say Alabama is SOOOO good. Picks of a win but double digits when in fact, Oklahoma 45 Alabama 31. The Sooners were able to provide the double digit win. The Commentators should all feel not just silly but stupid!
Alabama lost a decent Big 12 team. Because the SEC is not that great. Alabama is a good team, top 10 for sure. But this is a further demonstration that the SEC is not that good. That SEC Network is a product of ESPN. That is why so many SEC teams are in the Top 10 and 25, for ESPN ratings. Mind you, about 90% of the bowls games are broadcast on ESPN. And ESPN needs to make lots of money off the SEC. But that doesn’t mean their teams are better. It is only about the money.
And this is proof that the polls are done WRONG! DEAD WRONG!
Not only is the SEC exposed the bogus polls AND BCS exposed !!

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