Xmas Day and no college football bowl games

I hope that the NCAA does not surrender to ABC/ESPN monopoly on bowls. Someone needs to get with Fox or CBS or someone to have a bowl game on Xmas Day. I don’t care if it is on YouTube or Hulu or Netflix or whoever. I want some football on Xmas Day.

ABC/ESPN is allowing the NBA to create a monopoly on this “captive” holiday. There are a lot of people at home. So ABC/ESPN is trying to promote this dying sport. Xmas is a good time for people to pick up on it. NFL is winding down. One of the two “expanders” of the NFL fantasy football is done.

Traditionally someone would hold the East-West Shrine game on Xmas. A showcase for guys who didn’t make a bowl game. Not sure if they still have that game or not. I know they do have the Hula Bowl but NFL Network owns it. So only a select few get to see it. That is not really the best way to expand their brand. Not everyone wants to get in on exclusivity. Some people just want convenience.

So maybe I should start working on how to get that started again. Maybe showcasing Division 2 and 3 players as well.

Why? Only 335 players go to Indianapolis. There are 11 additional regional combines but it costs to get to them. And a Super Regional in Detroit.

So an All Star game for Division 2 and 3 players would benefit everyone. Xmas Day would be difficult to get arranged. So the invitations would have to be out in early December. I am sure there is a way to get it done. Maybe I can figure out how to do it.

[ By the way, the other expander for the NFL is gambling. That is according to other people. But it makes sense that both fantasy football, which is a form of gambling and gambling itself are participated by lots of people here in the US and abroad. They help the sport expand amongst adults. Kids just play the game. ]

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