Real Championship Coming in 2015

Death To The BCS
First off, congratulations to the last BCS Champion: Florida State.

Much to my chagrin, this year’s BCS games were good games. Well, it was good to watch. But it does unfortunately validate the BCS a bit. So that is not good. But the games were really good and I like good football. Here is a quick recap:

BCS Championship: Florida State 34 defeated Auburn 31
Orange Bowl: Clemson 40 defeated Ohio State 35
Sugar Bowl: Oklahoma 45 defeated Alabama 31
Fiesta Bowl: UCF 52 defeated Baylor 42
Rose Bowl: Michigan State 24 defeated Stanford 20

All were within 10 points, barely on one. The games were really very good. It is amazing to think that 85 scholarship players on 10 teams are out there playing their hearts out. And they are doing a great job. They are proving how amazing an opportunity college sports is.

Next year starts a new system. There will be a semi-final game that is a replacement for two bowl games. Then the separate championship game. Each is associated with bowls already established. The three games will rotate between many sites. And when those games are in other venues, the bowls will continue as normal.

The four teams that will go through this gaunlet will be chosen by a committee panel. Here is the selection committee panel of 13 people that will determine the four teams that will be in the National Championship hunt next year:
Jeff Long (chairman)
Barry Alvarez
Lt. Gen. Michael Gould
Pat Haden
Tom Jernstedt
Oliver Luck
Archie Manning
Tom Osborne
Dan Radakovich
Condoleezza Rice
Mike Tranghese
Steve Wieberg
Tyrone Willingham

I have a lot of problems with this panel. First is that you have current athletic directors as a part of it. It is supposed to lend legitimacy. I think it

Second is not mine but I will address the issue. ESPN David Pollack’s objection to having only former players on the panel. I am not sure why. Does he think the only people who know football are former players’? If so, why does he work with all those people on the network? Why not just start his own, player owned channel? Something to think about.

Plus, this is not just a football decision. I would be specious if I did not acknowledge that this will be a business decision. No reason to hide that. There are still bowls. There is still money to be made.

And if you read all of my references, you will see how much money is being wasted by the universities themselves. It would be interesting for an economist to “run the numbers” on how much the colleges are losing every year. But I digress.

Speaking of hiding, One thing I have hated about the BCS is that the computers do not put out their algorithm. That type of secrecy is just plain wrong. And this new system has the potential to be more open. Have to start from the beginning.

The panel could have done a mock Championship selection this year. That does not have to lock them into something. But it does give them a jumping off point. Make sure that there are fewer problems.

Like this year. Game 1 is a rematch with Auburn #2 vs. Alabama #3. But after watching Alabama lay an egg against Oklahoma #11; does anyone believe that would have been a good game? I know that history plays into the selection. Hopefully recent history like that game plays in. Plus the bad call to kick a field goal that led to the Kick-6 by Chris Davis.

Game 2 would be Florida State #1 vs. Michigan State #4. After the Rose Bowl, Michigan State would have been a good opponent for the Seminoles. This would have been a tough game. Both these teams suffered from a long lay off. They both took a while to get started. But both showed a true desire to win. Both outside the SEC too. This could have been the BCS Championship game if Sparty hadn’t lost to Notre Dame, a game they shouldn’t have played or scheduled. But I disgress. In conclusion this would have been an excellent game and I would have enjoyed watching it.

Then who know who would have been in the Championship. Could have been the same as the BCS this year. But at least it would have been two teams that had recent game experience. Not a one month layoff.

I say the selection preparation should have been transparent, this year. Do a practice run. Have cameras in there and show it on ESPN 8 “The Ocho” or more plausibly on Fox Sports 1 or CBS Sports. Those channels missed out on carving away at ESPN/ABC’s strangle hold on the Bowl system.

Some people might ask why televise? More than just having some revenue for the channel that shows it. Than people can know the system. Maybe even make comments both positive and negative. Maybe even feel like they are a part of the system.

Because there will be problems this year. It is the first time, most things have problems the first time around. This type of program might have helped to get in front of it. They could still do this. If not, I guess my good idea will be wasted.

Some reference documents to read that will show why the Bowl Championship Series that is a step that we need to step past now:

Death To The BCS by Dan Wetzel, Josh Peter and Jeff Passan


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