Super Bowl Commercials

There are always clever, smart and funny commercials during the Super Bowl. I don’t like them. But I watch them. Some of them. Wish I could turn away but cannot at a party. Some people consider that rude. Go figure.

There was a discussion on the Kansas City 610am Sports Radio show The Day Shift on 14 January 2014: [I cannot remember the hour so you will have to search. Maybe I will update later]. When the discussion started it was about commercials being needed for MLS. Which I think is a horrible ideal.

The reason is, MLS needs fans not sponsors. MLS has sponsors. Look at their jerseys. All sports could use more and bigger sponsors. But having intelligent fans that will go to games is what they need. People with passion.

In every other country in the world, soccer fans are rabid. They get crazy about their teams. National teams that represent their country. Local teams that hooligans pull for. It can get way out of hand.

Anyway, the conversation led to Super Bowl commercials. And personally, I dislike all commercials. Even the ones in the Super Bowl.

Like I said above, some of the most innovative commercials have even during the Super Bowl. Products like Apple; considered the first big Super Bowl Commercial: . Multiple Budweiser commercials over the years. I even have a personal favorite:

But I have never wanted to buy any Volkswagen. I am not more likely to use any product that advertises during the Super Bowl. In fact, I have an extreme dislike against InBev products. So not sure if it is having the affect the businesses want.

More than that, now Super Bowl Commercials are debuting, before the Super Bowl. For that? I ask, why spend $ 4 million per 30 second [ based on what they cost last year: ] when YouTube can do it for free?

It is the 17th of January. Already there are “sneak peeks”. . I closed my eyes so I will be surprised when I change the channel during the game.

I am pretty sure that these advertising and business executives are not getting it right. They are over-spending, just a little. I mean most commercials are a minute long which means they are spending $8 million dollars for something they could do for free. But if it gets their message to the right people, I guess it works.
They need to polish up on their skills. I am a beer drinker who doesn’t drink any Budweiser products, ever. I don’t drive a Volkswagen and don’t intend on it. I am a male in the 18-49 age group. At least for a couple more years. So maybe they need to figure out a better strategy.

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