NFL is messing up

1. If the Pro Bowl draft is on 22 January, why did I hear the first selections on the radio on 21 January? The Pro Bowl is confusing enough. But if you wanted to do a draft party, you are screwed. Draft already stopped. I just this is a way to say “Suck It” to the fans.

2. Why get rid of the extra point if not all of them were made. I know only .5 of 1% were missed. But games are won and lost by one point. That does happen. So why make such a radical change. This changes quite a bit about the game. I would think the last people who would want this is the owners. Why pay one of your 53 guys if you don’t have to?

3. Why not change a 50 yard or greater field goal worth 4 points?

There are changes coming. The rules committee often makes changes. Some are good. Some are not so much. I am not really a fan of the Pro Bowl before the Super Bowl. I am not a fan of no extra point. But if they do get rid of that, they should institute something that helps teams too.

One kicker made a comment about Quarterbacks. But a lot of the changes made are about speeding the game up. I think the real position in trouble is the running back. Those plays take longer to run. They cause tons of damage, ask Terrell Davis about his migraines. Running backs might be next.

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