Bad Advertising

During an interview on Kansas City 610am Sports Radio show The Day Shift with Henry Lake and Jay Binkley on 23 January 2014; one of the coaches from Friday Night Tykes revealed that the trailer released in advance of the show on the Esquire TV network focused on only one aspect of the show. That aspect being the irrationally horrible behavior by the adult coaches toward kids that look like they are under 8 years old. Parents yelling foolishly at the pint sized action. And those miniature kids crying for unknown reasons during the ad.

Coach Marecus Goodloe detailed that there is a lot more to the show then what is shown there. But there is one problem, I am still not watching. ?

I am a red blooded American Male. I like sports. I like football. I like watching football. That ad was aimed at me. Sports fan. Male in the 18-49 age group. I should have been the target audience.

But that ad ensured only that I will never watch that show. NEVER.

During the show Army Wives on Lifetime, which I watch since I am military indentified shall we say, they have ads for this show Dance Moms with this awful woman yelling and screaming at every person she encounters. Much like the Friday Night Tykes coaches, every ad I have seen for this show shows the adults acting like ravening Banshees.

Now had I seen a mix of the more tender side. Seen scenes of how kids are being taught to love the game that so many Americans do, I would have a very different perception. Working with the kids. Loving parents. More actual heart to the show that was more genuine would have been good. I would be more inclined to watch.

And even after hearing Coach Goodloe talk about another side, I am not willing to take the chance. I am not putting my time into it. I am not even going to set my dvr for it. It isn’t worth it.

Dumb marketing can ruin a show before it even gets started. This is one example. I am sure the Super Bowl will have plenty more examples of dumb marketing as well.

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