Has any woman……

Has any woman gone from Bad Girls Club on Oxygen to UFC or Strikeforce or any of the mixed martial arts companies?

If I ever get some money, need to have Bad Girls FIGHT Club. Have them Battle Royalle in the first episode for a title. In the late 1990’s early 2000’s there WWE had an Extreme Championship Belt. [Not the Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) title but this might have been the successor of that title after WWE bought ECW] This was a – defend at all times – Championship Belt. Meaning as long as there is a referee [and a camera], you can fight and possibly win the title belt.

I am only kind of making fun. Honestly, some of these girls should be challenging their bad attitudes and penchant for fighting into something more positive. Why not mixed martial arts? Or boxing? Maybe even wrestling?
These ladies need to have something more positive in their lives. I know that this “reality” show is very made up. But these ladies are obviously seeking attention.

How long until some trainer gets the idea to train one of these women?

Or did I just plant that seed?

I thought about this when I saw a promotion advertisement for Bad Girls All-Star Battle. I haven’t seen this show. But I can only imagine these challenges on the show are no worse than The Bachelor, any VH-1 show or any “reality” competition show outside of Survivor and my personal favorite The Amazing Race.

Nice to see that is hosted by the Ray-J. He became a star off the backs of his truly talented sister Brandy by getting on her old show Moesha. And by putting Kim Kardashian on her back in a porn video that they made themselves. It is alleged that he is a singer himself but I haven’t heard his music on the radio.

Honestly though, why not take a flier on this? Dana White takes chances. This one might be worth it. Maybe find someone who is tougher than Ronda Rousey.

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