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Super Bowl Commercials

There are always clever, smart and funny commercials during the Super Bowl. I don’t like them. But I watch them. Some of them. Wish I could turn away but cannot at a party. Some people consider that rude. Go figure. … Continue reading

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Real Championship Coming in 2015

Death To The BCS First off, congratulations to the last BCS Champion: Florida State. Much to my chagrin, this year’s BCS games were good games. Well, it was good to watch. But it does unfortunately validate the BCS a bit. … Continue reading

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What College Football might go to

How I would morph College Football into a closer minor league system. 64 team “college” league. Broken into four – 16 team conferences. Each 16 team conference is broken into Two – 8 team divisions. In a 12 game regular … Continue reading

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Xmas Day and no college football bowl games

I hope that the NCAA does not surrender to ABC/ESPN monopoly on bowls. Someone needs to get with Fox or CBS or someone to have a bowl game on Xmas Day. I don’t care if it is on YouTube or … Continue reading

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Thank You !!

I want to Thank all those who has subscribed to MY erratic posts. Bunch of Sports posts. Football, American is one interest. Football, rest of the world (or Soccer in America) is another. Then there are just random posts too. … Continue reading

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There are X Games in January of a Olympic Year?

Why? Some type of consolation for the people not going to socially backward Sochi?

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Thin line between love and hate

Sugar Bowl 2014 I hate that Alabama made me cheer for Oklahoma. I love that Alabama lost their bowl. This loss obliterates all the EPSN commentators who say Alabama is SOOOO good. Picks of a win but double digits when … Continue reading

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