Manchester United 2 – Fulham 2

This was a sad game for me.

Sidwell in 19th minute got free. It was like no one even took notice. But Manchester United dominated in time of possession. But it took until the 77th minute for Robert van Persie to put his boot on a good one. Much like one he missed in the first half.

Then with a minute and a half, Michael Carrick was able to take a great shot from the top of the box. Beautiful goal indeed. About time because Carrick had some positive looks but he wasn’t able to put them away.
Than replacement Darren Bent off the deflection was an easy header in the 94th minute. David De Gea made a great save but it wasn’t enough. The deflection was easy to put back.

Drawing even at Old Trafford is almost like a loss. The Red Devils were so obviously the winner in time of possession and twice as many shots as well. But with 5 minutes of “Fergie time”; the Red Devils just don’t have the same pop that they used to. There is so much wrong at Old Trafford. And it is evident by a draw to the team at the bottom of the table.

I think this may be the first time in a long that Man U finishes outside the top 4. Sad after they just won the league last season with much the same team.

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