The Rebels an pilot

This is a funny show but does not offer anything new. I remember when this show was on HBO and was called First and Ten. A football version of the movie Major League. They could steal episodes from a numerous series most juicy would be Footballer’s Wives from BBC. It is not a deadnail but keeping it light and funny would be the best way to go. Have fun with it. And keep it simple.
Natalia Zea would have to be the superstar of this show. The story is going to revolve around her decisions. But she cannot stay ignorant to running a football team. She has to get smarter at it. Not quickly but if it had a second season, she has to progress. She has moxy and fight. Strong female character and I like who she is. Lots to build on.
Same with the fight for the QB job. Hayes MacArthur has not gotten a good role to really sink his teeth into. This could be it. I hope to see more from him.
But the other characters have a long way to go. Josh Peck has to decide who his character is. Liked his stance at the end of the pilot a lot more than the rest of the time.
The football players’ names are exceedingly cartoonish. Hurricane, Moose, Slice. That is unnecessary. Guys have nicknames sure but Marshawn Lynch is never only called “Beast Mode”. It is stupid to act so many of the players have ridiculous names.
This is a funny show. As long as no one tries to make this into “high art” or super-serious; it could work. Would work best if it was available right after the football season ends. I would release either the night of or week or weekend after the Super Bowl. Or right before training camp begins in July/August time frame. If it runs during the season; it will likely go unwatched. Could only survive on Tuesday or Wednesday. Since there are games on so often in primetime with Professionals on Monday, Sunday and Thursday and College on Friday and Saturday. But done correctly, this could be a good and funny show.
Judge for yourself:

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