Transparent an pilot

This show needs a plausible storyline. Badly! If the best they have to go on is lesbian kisses and cross dressing senior citizens; this show has a long way to start to establish a viewership. Because this pilot episode was completely flat to me. Mostly the result of wasted talent.
The most recognizable star is the title character Jeffrey Tambor. The screen time he is afforded is wasted. The family dinner is “horrible theater”. The meeting scene is worth it and something to build on. But considering he is the main and title character; totally underused.
The most interesting kid and story in the pilot is the oldest daughter played by Amy Landecker. The main story is easily identifiable. But the twist in the story is probably the most interesting to me. Her story could be the focus of the show. Fully fleshing out her character would be most fun. In contrast; it demonstrates how lame the other characters and their personal stories are.
Gaby Hoffmann’s character is an enigma wrapped in a riddle. Her talent is completely wasted. Best I can make of her character is that she enjoys being spanked.
Jay Duplass got a lot of screen time. But for all of it; I have no idea what was going on with his character. He is in a weird relationship, with everyone in the show. He seems to fit the very least. Which is not at all interesting. He seems overly dull. I can’t think of one reason I want to know more about him.
Rob Huebel and Gillian Vigman are underused. I don’t understand how they actually fit which is wrong. Henry Simmons is barely used. Basically he is just some beefcake to be oogogled.
But the worst use of two actors was Judith Light and Lawrence Pressman. I didn’t get why they were there. There characters offered nothing. Maybe down the line it would add color to the story. No reason for them this early in the process. Could have easily cut those about two to three minutes out in favor of something more interesting.
All five of these support characters have no identifiable storyline or real reason to be in the story. Which is in keeping with the main characters actually. I think I would have focused on Jeffrey Tambor’s journey for this episode. He is a strong actor. As is Gaby Hoffmann and Amy Landecker. But this jump from one circumstance to another makes it hard to focus on what is actually happening.
This might just be a rush to judgment but my opinion is there is little to build off of for this series to be watchable.
Judge for yourself:

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