Mozart In The Jungle an pilot

This show is a delight. Funny because I am not really a fan of music. But this is a classy presentation of a show about making and presenting music. And I want to see what happens to Hailey most of all. But I am just as interested in Alex and Cynthia. I do want to see the next episode.
Lola Kirke’s Hailey is a wonderful find. I do not know if I have seen her in anything else. I definitely want to see her in this. I am pulling for her. I assume there will be both good times and bad unfortunately. But I want to scream and shout and jump up and down for her. Unlike the pretentious characters in HBO’s Girls who I could care less about; Hailey has to struggle trying to chase her dreams just the same. Big difference is I actually care about Hailey. Mostly because she is just hustling and taking chances instead of acting like she is important. She knows she is going to have to work hard and she just wants the opportunity to show what she can do. More than that, I am hoping to see her succeed.
I really don’t know Peter Vack either but I am interested to learn about his Alex too. Glad he is struggling & studying at something other than music. Seems like that will keep the show fresh.
Gael Garcia Bernal’s Rodrigo is a fun character. He is measured and precise. Same as what he is going to demand. He seems much more in control than many CEOs/Directors/conductors are presented. It seems more genuine then a lot of the “hotheads” out there.
Saffron Burrows is one of my favorite actresses. Malcolm McDowell is another favorite but he could be replaced. In fact, all the extra people are expendable. It would be a shame to let bigger names outshine the good stories. Or the music. Let Hailey and Alex’s stories drive the show.
There does have to be other stories in the show. Like the roommate. But hopefully they do not overshadow the real heart of the show.
All in all; I enjoyed this show. The music was excellent. The story was even better. Enjoyed it from start to finish.

Judge for yourself:

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