Bosch an pilot

This is a nice show. But a little too much going on over the course of time. But I like to have more resolution. It is fine to have an ongoing court case. But more has to be resolved.
Unique from other police procedurals. It has a different pace. A different feel. This is either going to draw people in or push them away. So you need to make people get drawn in. Quick.
The female characters are strong and I love it. They are a part of the story not just window dressing. That is very important. The main character is a guy so he needs lots of good women around him. The more women the better.
There are way too many things up in the air. Way too many. Cases at the precinct. Cases in court. Too much. Two episodes, that is OK. More than that, need to have some resolution. Cannot just keep the audience on the hook. Have to get some things done.
Need an explanation for why Bosch is alone. Is he a bad guy? Hard to get along with? Not sure why. Was he ever married? Need to thicken his character out a bit.
Definitely has potential. But there needs to be a lot of work done here. The essentials are there. But this is a leap for police procedurals. They need to make sure they stay on track.

Judge for yourself:

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