The After an pilot

There cannot be a mystery before there is a plot. Even still this show has promise. I would have liked more of the back-story first. But there is a lot to go off of here.

The acting kept up the pace. I liked the cast especially the eight primary actors/actresses. They were able to carry it quickly. Even when I was lost, I was able to get back on track through what they were saying and doing.

There is a lot to learn about this situation. Hopefully viewers will be curious about the variety of obscurities out there. They will want to see, what is coming next? If that slows down; that is going to spell the end of the show.

Quick resolution to 7 March vagueness. If you saw the NBC show Life they had a similar undercurrent of secrecy about the LA police shootout which wasn’t enough to make most viewers watch. There needs to be a solid reason for their all coming together and having the same birthday. And since the day was revealed quickly, it needs to be built on quickly. It can have multiple meanings. But at least one should be divulged quickly.

There were two inconsistencies. First was about the couple getting off the stairs. They did not get that right. Especially considering Gigi was able to use the stairs later. Second was that people are still trying to get money. Why? Money is useless now.

A lot has to happen to keep the audience interested. The plot needs to be fast paced. Take advantage of the solid cast of actors and actresses that are in the pilot. Good start but do not take too long getting there.

Judge for yourself:

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1 Response to The After an pilot

  1. Julie harrison says:

    The after was ok but better spending your cash on second series of Constantine and dracula!

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