Friendly reaches a new dimension – Why I think sports are important

The United States Men’s National Team will play Ukraine in soccer tomorrow. This is despite all the turmoil in the Ukraine. The game will go on.

Originally the game was going to be played in the Ukraine. That is not possible with all the violence in the country. The Ukrainian delegation almost called the whole game off. But it will be played. The game will go on.

The place had to be changed though. It has been moved to Cyprus. Which is ironic. This is an island that has been disputed for a very long time. And currently the island is split with a Greek side and a Turkish side. The tension on this one island makes it ironic to be a safe place to play a soccer match.

Still there can and will be a meeting. Although there is turmoil in the world, we will continue on. And soon, the tensions will subside and we will have things that unite us all. Sports will be there to do a portion of that.

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