12 Years A Slave

12 Years A Slave. It is stunning. It is easy to identify with because when I think about slavery, I have the perspective of only ever living free. That is the same thing that happens to Solomon Northup who was born free in New York and gets enslaved. That I can identify with. The movie makers kind of missed out in telling the audience [outside of myself but I am an American History major] that the reason there were so many Black people who were hunted is because the overseas slave trade was illegal by this time. But I can let that go.

It was more important to tell this story. And it is important for people to see this story. I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch it because it is hard. It is rough to come to terms with that reality. Heck; I have lived a good life so many things you and Mom went through would be tough. Same with all my grandparents and their trials, tribulations, decisions and motives. I can hardly imagine what that life was like for you 30 years before I was born much less the 60 years for your Mother and Father. But I am glad to have been born now. I am glad to have this freedom I have. I am grateful every day for it. For the most part, my job is freedom. That is important to me.

But even though I have lived my whole life free I still have some slave-captive tendencies. In one part of the story, he goes from Saratoga, New York to Washington D.C. for some extra money. As it was happening I was saying to myself “Don’t go to that slave state”. I guess some things just don’t change. Some instincts can’t be ignored.

But one thing that was funny in this very serious movie. I was one of the only black people in the theater. I was cognizant of that fact. At one point, the slave owner slips and falls in a pig pen filled with mud and feces. I laughed my ass off. I don’t care who looked at me or what. I truly delight when bad things happen to bad people. That probably says something about me but that is who I am.\

I was worried my companion would get embarrassed by my “uniquely” timed laughing. I ascribe to Dave Chappelle theory at the end of this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxcwlW3rrkg . “Would do it every episode if I could”. So when Michael Fassbender slipped in that pig trough; I am more than happy to laugh out loud.

One thing to consider: Solomon or Platt? Depends on perception or reality.

I understand why the Academy picked this as the best picture. It is an important story.

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