Ukraine 2 – United States 0

I was not able to watch this match live because of work. But Andriy Yarmolenko goal in the 12 minute should have been disallowed. Denys Garmach was completely offsides. That is a travesty.
Marko Devic’s sealing goal was the real deal. No getting around it. This was a break down in the defense. First was the fact that Devic got so free. Then Tim Howard made the initial save. But he did not smother the ball. And Devic was able to easily put in the rebound because none of the US’s defensemen was able to get either on the man or the ball.
Jurgen Klinsman needs to get his line up more secure on the defensive side. We got 100 days until the start of World Cup 2014. I want to see some more from this team. I know they are getting better. They are just starting their run for 2014. I want to see it more like their 2013 where they went up from a shaky start.
Tim Howard’s play was solid. On both goals, he was in position to make stops and did. But he needs to get better grabs and hold on to the ball. That second goal was a rebound that hopefully won’t happen during the World Cup. I am not saying that his play was flawless. I think he is still the best bet for having a solid defense. I mean, look at the game today. He blocked the initial shots on both the goals but it was the rebound that got him.
But the guys in front of him need to get better. Maybe guys like Matt Besler from the MLS Cup winners at Sporting KC needs to get included again? Something solid from the defense is needed. And we need that line to gel better in these spring friendlies. So that they are humming and purring like a new car come time for the games in Brazil.
But I am not sure why Michael Bradley was not on the starting line for this friendly. I will have to see if he is injured or not right now. Because I think it will be key having Bradley and Clint Dempsey on the mid – line. Those two give the U.S. solid possession capability. Also they add viable scoring threats as well.
Also, Jozy Altidore had a great run during last summer’s qualifying. He will either need to be hot again or be replaced. He had a fairly decent look on a header but put it a little high in the second half. Maybe having another forward in the game will take some of the pressure off just Altidore to score?
I think that the U.S. does best when they score first and early. By this I mean scoring in the first half. Takes a lot of pressure off the defense. There needs to be a lot of first half pressure by the offense.
Getting reliable play upfront will keep the pressure on. This is the start. Time to go up from here. Next chance to see something good is April 2nd versus Mexico in Glendale, Arizona.
The real win is being able to play this game at all. There is little to cheer about in the Ukraine where this game was supposed to be played. So for their team to be able to something to cheer about it is a definite win. Sports can sometimes provide something that is needed. A temporary escape from the horrors of real life.

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