I wish I could hit a curve ball # 2

Mike Trout of the LA/Anaheim Angels has gotten some serious pay raises this year and into the future.

2009 ? (have not found the information yet)
2010 ? (have not found the information yet)
2011 ? (have not found the information yet)
2012 $480,000
2013 $510,000
2014 $ 1 million (arbitrated raise)
2015 $ 5.2 million (1st year of new contract)
2016 $ 15.25 million
2017 $ 19 million
2018 $ 33.25 million
2019 $ 33.25 million
2020 $ 33.25 million (last year of new contract)

By the end of this contract he will be 28 years old. If he does well; he could get a $300 million contract at 28. I am not even joking. Others are suspecting $400 million but I think that is a little high.

But as is, he a 22 year old. He could still some moments like other 22 year olds. Most of whom are working and partying. Or going to college and partying. See a trend here. And there is a Lon list of 22 year old [or there abouts] athletes who have gotten into trouble. It happens. Look at the current trials of Yusiel Puig who plays cross town for the LA Dodgers.

I hope that does not happen. Trout like Andrew McCutchen is part of the new batch of great athletes in Major League Baseball (MLB). I think they are bringing something good to the game. These are the stars that can take the game past its “steroid era”. And if MLB was smart; they would give stars like these guys more help. Make sure the public relations of the league stays strong.

Especially with Bud Selig leaving this season. It is a good time to make positive changes. Selig has spent the better part of my adult life screwing up the game. It will be nice to see some good blood in there.
Personally; I would put George Will and Condoleezza Rice in charge to work as co-commissioners. I think they will be making sound decisions. Both have a true passion for the game. They can make sane decisions. Like putting the Astros back in the National League to start. Well back to the real story.

Mike Trout was the 25th overall pick in 2009. I bet everyone of the teams from 1-24 does not want to have to pay that bill. But they would still like the level of performance that Trout brings to the field.
Funny thing is that Angels also had the 24th pick and took Randel Grichuk. He is in the Cardinals minor league system. Who’s that working for ya?

I applaud the Angels in signing. Trout has earned the money from that team. Something tells me he is going to keep earning it. Shall see what happens. Maybe he will get that $400 million indeed and prove me wrong?

I would like it best if he got his next contract from the Phillies!

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