Brazil 3 – Croatia 1

This was not the best start for Brazil even though they won. Seems strange to say. Especially since the host’s are looking decent in their start. But they have a ways to go.

Croatia actually didn’t score at all. Their goal was actually an own goal by Marcelo. These types of screw ups can only happen in group play where they can be covered up. In later rounds; it will be deadly.

Brazil’s scoring on their own behalf started with the man they will lean a lot of their hopes on: Neymar. He was able to draw the home team even before half time. Things were still quite even for majority of the game.
The next score happened under much controversy. A penalty was called on Fred. Personally I thought it was a first class flop. But all the same; Neymar netted his second in a very unique style. Pletikosa guessed the correct side but wasn’t fast enough to stop the rocket.

Oscar’s extra goal in stoppage time put the game out of reach for Croatia.

The Croatian team played a solid game. Their defense was not as porous as the score would suggest. But they need to get a solid attack going. There is not enough going up front. They need to get hungry to move forward.

This was a win for Brazil but far from a victory. Brazil has a long way to go. They need to tighten up the defense most of all. The example of this is Marcelo’s own goal. But something tells me the scoring opportunities will be there.

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