Chile 3 – Australia 1

Sanchez’s goal in the 11 minute was all about keeping the ball moving and taking chances. The Australian goalie took too big a chance in trying to stop the penetration. But Chile kept the ball moving. And Alexi Sanchez was able to find the back of the net before Ryan could recover.

But before Australia could recover; Valdivia added another goal in the 13th minute.

But things did not get totally out of control. Tim Cahill of the New York Red Bulls brought some MLS skills to the Australian Socceroos. Making it a proper contest in the 34th minute.

In the 60th minute; Wilkinson saved the Socceroos from an insurmountable third goal.

Leckie had a break away in the 66th minute. But his teammates didn’t seem too keen on coming with him. He had no support and lost the ball. Should have been a goal but they squandered a chance. This lack of passion will not help against the Nederlands or Spain. They looked both frizzled and frazzled.

Chile really only looked solid for about 10 minutes. The rest of the game, it was the Socceroos lack of passion. Vargas’ stab in the 60th that Wilkinson saved was the only true worry during the second half. Beausejour gave Chile an extra cushion in 91st minute of stoppage off a rebound but it was not that impressive. Against a better team; Chile will need a lot more to improve chances of hoisting the cup.


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