Mexico 1 – Cameroon 0

Mexico should have paid American Graham Zusi for getting into the World Cup at all. There reliance on Club America for their coach and team has worked to back their way into the Finals after sacking four coaches. But I think they have been relying on shoestrings instead of playing with their boots on. Relying far too much on America. This cannot last but it did get them off to a good start.

There were two disallowed goals that should have been Mexico’s good start. Offsides call on Dos Santos in the 11th minute was totally inappropriate. That flag should have stayed on the official’s side. And a second half shot by Peralta was also wrongly disallowed. But the officials will unfortunately have their say from time to time.

O. Peralta was able to get a rebound in the 61st minute that would give Mexico the win. The rest of the game saw Cameroon take a few chances. But the Lions looked tamed. Mexico did was in control through most of the game with possession. Cameroon simply did not get enough started.

I still don’t see why they don’t start both Peralta and Javier “Chicarito” Hernandez. This subbing in might work against Cameroon who only have Samuel Eto’o to worry about. But against Brazil; El Tri should really put more offensive pressure on.

The rain was big factor in the game. It affected both teams. Seemingly neither could get going in the way they are accustomed. It was very odd conditions that hurt both squads equally.

1 – 0 against a mid-level African team is not going to be helping them in their next two matches. Croatia is going to play very hard to get 6 points in their next two games. And Brazil wants to bury the competition as well. I am not sure El Tri is ready for that amount of passion.

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