Nederlands 5 – Spain 1

Spain’s Tiki-Taka style has been effective over the past six years when three things happen. 1. Spain can score, at least once and 2. The other team can not score at all preferably and 3. Spain’s defense makes little to no mistakes.

Spain’s only goal was on a non-penalty. Diego Costa [the traitor] put his foot on a falling Stefan de Vrij. For that Costa earned a penalty kick. Taken by Xabi Alonso. But that is not real scoring so they did not meet the first of the three things they need for Tiki-Taka to work. They would fail on the other two as well. And it is truly embarrassing they way they lost.

But then the second requirement of Tiki-Taka’s success; ills happen throughout the second part of the game. As the Nederlands put in goals galore starting in the 44th minute, Robin vanPersie called for a ball out in the open. And vanPersie put in one of the most beautiful headers I have ever seen. Only person who is better at it is Abby Wambach. Maybe they should trade notes some time. It was a truly beautiful goal.

After half-time; things just went to pieces for Spain. They failed on just about every aspect of the third requirement.

Arjen Robben added some security in the 53rd minute. The Bayern Munich star looks to be in good form. And he is playing good team ball.

Stefan De Vrij score in the 65th minute was some redemption. That header made short work of the fading Spanish defense.

A late goal by vanPersie 72nd Also shows the Dutch that vanPersie is about his country first. He has come into his own in the English Premier for both Arsenal and Manchester United. But he is showing that his blood bleeds orange, ALWAYS!

Arjen Robben in the 80th minute completed the retribution for the nightmare of the 2010 World Final that the Dutch lost getting a second for the one he was robbed of four years ago. Might be evidence for the claim that the Nederlands Captain armband is magical. He got it as vanPersie was called off in the 79th minute. Robben got a break away. He did a dance that was beautiful. Made Casillas look horrible. And then played with two Spanish defenders before he decided to bury the ball in the back of the net.

Dutch passing was amazing. Their ability to take advantage of wide open spaces was deadly to Spain. If they can keep making those types of surgical cuts; it is going to be some long days for their opponents. This was a good opening statement.

Spain is going to have to replace Casillas. His year has seen so many bad plays including during the UEFA Cup Champship. Real Madrid recovered to win but his play was not up to par. And his play today might be a reflection of shaken confidence.

Not starting Fernando Torres who has been a loyal Spaniard in favor of the Traitor Diego Costa is a problem. Diego Costa should not be on this team since he was born in Brazil. He definitely did not earn this start. And I question whether he should see the pitch again as anything more than a substitute.

Spain left better players off the roster. And the best teams in La Liga have scorers who are on other teams: Lionel Messi-Argentina, Cristano Ronaldo-Portugal, and Gareth Bale-Wales not qualified. So where are Spanish goals going to come from? Luck?

Shall see if this was an official changing of the guard.

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