Uruguay 1 – Costa Rica 3

Edinson Cavani gave Uruguay the lead in the 22nd minute on a penalty kick. The game had been pretty even up to that point. It was a very dumb penalty to give. Unless Junior Diaz just needed to give Diego Lugano a hug. No need to give away a goal for it.

In the 53rd minute Joel Campbell took the cross from Cristian Gamboa. After a header was missed; Campbell took full advantage. He settled the ball then shot a nice goal in front of the keeper.

Then Costa Rica had a surge. In the 56th minute Uruguay’s Walter Gargano was put in the book with a yellow card. On the ensuing free kick; Oscar Duarte buried a header cross goal to put Costa Rica up.

Luis “The Biter” Suarez leaped off the bench and started to stretch his body. In particular his knee which was operated on 21 days ago. But he would not see the pitch.

But this is Costa Rica’s day. Marco Urena added a final nail to Uruguay’s coffin. Joel Campbell set Urena up with a wonderful ball. Putting in a third and final goal.

Uruguay had their chances. But not able to translate them into goals. I wouldn’t say Costa Rica’s defense was that good. But it was good enough today.

Max Pereira of Uruguay’s red card was one of frustration at the loss of this game. He did a dumb kick in the 3rd minute of 5 in extra time. It was extremely hot there. Every player on the pitch was sweating massively. But no one can lose their head like that. It earned him the distinction of being the first red card of the tournament.
Uruguay looked very flat. It is uncharacteristic for them. Ranked 7 in the world is no guarantee of moving forward. But in the second half; they were dismal. Maybe it was the heat? Whatever the reason, they are going to have to play better against England and Italy.

Costa Rica played a wonderful game. Took full advantage of their speed. Played solid defense. It was a good team win. They played solid in the first half. Didn’t let things get out of hand. They really turned it on super-fast in the 2nd half. If they can keep this up; might be a surprise in going through to the next round.

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