France 3 – Honduras 0

Most of the first half was a lot of back and forth in terms of possession. But France was taking shots. Honduras was missing their chances.

Wilson Palacios picked up two yellows in this game at 28 and 43 and was sent off. The second set up a penalty kick.

Penalty in the 43rd minute allowed Karim Benzema to take a shot and score France’s first goal. This as Noel Valladares guessed completely wrong.

France started the second half attacking once again. And just as the clock turned to 47, Benzema was awarded a goal. The problem is that the whole ball didn’t cross. The technology says it did but the video disagrees. It was not across in my humble opinion. It will actually go on the sheet as an own goal against Valladares.

But France kept the pressure on and Benzema found the back of the goal again in the 71st minute. The corner kick bounced around until it got to Benzema. And he put it firmly into the goal.

Honduras did not put much pressure on France’s defense. Far too few chances on that end. They will need to get out front. Their defense cannot withstand the constant pressure.

France dominated this game. No real problems with possession or offense. Their defense really didn’t get tested. I think there was only one real shot on goal. France looks solid moving forward. Shall see if they are back to top form like in years past when they won it all.


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