Argentina 2 – Bosnia and Herzegovina 1

3 minutes in, a free kick by Lionel Messi turned into an own goal by Sead Kolašinac. Going behind early is always a bad recipe for any team.

A run in the 12th minute by Izet Hajrović did not garner much. But you can see the lethargy of the Argentine defense. Bosnia and Herzegovina are known as The Dragons. They had decent possession. But it was very tentative.

Most of this game has been boring. Not much in the away of either good offense or defense. Just a bunch of going kicking the ball back and forth.

In the 65th minute, Lionel Messi did was he does best and scored from the top of the box. He dribbled through at least three defenders before going wide of the goalie. Showed why he has won 4 Ballon D’Or awards.

In the 84th minute, The Dragons got a goal that was out of nowhere. The second half substitute Vedad Ibišević took a great little shot. Not too hard and not too soft, just enough to find the goal despite Sergio Romero getting a hand on it. Good passing from Senad Lulić set up a good goal.
The Dragons first World Cup game was not good. On the bright side could have been much worse. They held the game’s best goal scorer to one goal. Many have failed at that. But there was no real presence on the offensive side of the ball. They had possession but not in the box where they need it. Way too tentative in moving the ball around. The passing that got them the goal was what they need to do the entire game. If that own goal could be erased, it would have been a draw. They are first timers and minus an early bout of nerves, this team is doing OK. That sounds good indeed and should give the Dragons hope.

Argentine kind of walked through this game. Good to start out with a win. Sergio Agüero seems a little selfish taking shots when he should be passing. Agüero missed a wide open Messi in front of the goal at around 53 minutes in. Either way, this team snatched a win out of the grip of a draw. Minus one early error in the opponents first EVER World Cup game [read: it is ok to have the jitters] Argentine would have been half of the first draw of this World Cup. Considering they have the best goal scorer in the tournament; they need to do something different. By different I mean better.

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