Germany 2 – Ghana 2

This one started off as expected. Germany got a couple of early chances. None coming to fruition. Ghana gave Germany a scare early with a chance in the 12th minute. Most of the possession going to Germany.
Interesting side storyline is that two half-brothers are facing each other. Kevin-Prince Boateng for Ghana and Jerome Boateng for Germany. Both have the same father and were born in Germany to different mothers about 18 months apart. Their father is Ghanan. In the 30th minute they squared off as Jerome is defense and Kevin is a very offensive minded midfielder.
Thomas Muller provided constant pressure upfront. In the 32nd minute Sulley Muntari fired a scorcher that Manuel Neuer punched out. Ghana was able to put lots of offensive pressure on the Germans.
They went into the half in a scoreless tie.
In the 50th minute, Mario Götze put in a weird header – knee combination into the back of the net for the first goal. It was a surprise. I think to everyone. Seemed like Götze wasn’t expecting it but he buried it in the back of the net.
But in the 54th Jordan Ayew headed a cross into back of the net. He broke at exactly the right time. Put in at the right time having just come on for Kevin-Prince Boateng two minutes earlier. Putting the game back level. Ayew plays professionally in the UAE. Not sure why. MLS needs to hire this guy.
Then in the 63rd; the German defenses lapses and lackadaisical attitude allowed Asamoah Gyan to get a redirect off a steal, take it down half the field and score the second goal. Ghana was pressuring up front. Making multiple runs at the goal. Until Gyan broke through. Becoming the first African to score in three World Cups.
Then Miroslav Klose scored the equalizer after being in for one minute. He stayed at the far post on a corner kick. Klose also equals Ronaldo with the most goals in the World Cup all-time as well, 15 goals in all. Also joins Pele and Uwe Seeler as the only people to score in 4 World Cups. Exciting watching history.
There was a flurry of action in the remaining time and 3 minutes of extra stoppage time. But no goals despite many runs.
Germany let themselves down. They could have qualified for the round of 16 today with a win. But their defense was bad. Not Neuer but in front of him was open like Swiss cheese and Swiss against France yesterday. They are lucky to come out of this with 1 point. Because of their goal differential, they may get through. But this was far from a good game for them.
Ghana is going to need lots of help from Portugal both tomorrow and in their last game where they are adversaries which are not a good things. It is possible for them to go through which isn’t a surprise. Maybe the way it happened is though. They are well balanced. They are hungry. Going to be interesting to see what they can do. Going to be a good last 3 games in this “Group of Death”.

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