Honduras 1 – Ecuador 2

A lot of movement. A lot of excitement. A lot of energy to start this game. Early corners for Ecuador did not garner much in the way of scoring opportunities since Honduras defense was solid despite a multitude of tests. The ball was mostly in the Honduran half of the pitch to start.
In the 19th minute Enner Valencia had a perfect breakaway that he shot just left of goal. He will be kicking himself for missing this one.
It took until the 31st minute. A long clearance from the Honduran defensive side To Carlos Costly. He had beaten the one defenseman who ran with him. And easily put it past the goalie to take the lead.
This is significant. Honduras had not scored a goal in the last 510 minutes of play. The last goal scored was Tony Lang back in 1982 tournament. So it had been a long time. Still 10 minutes shy of the record for longest time between goals for one country.
But Ecuador was not to be denied. Specifically Enner Valencia was hungry. In the 34th minute Enner Valencia was able to make things right. Get the goal that he missed earlier back. Tying up the game.
Controversy in the extra time. In the 2nd minute of extra time; Carlos Costly missed a header to the bar. Then Jerry Bengtson had the ball hit off his arm into the goal. It was disallowed for hand ball. And Jerry Bengtson ended up with a yellow for arguing. Probably should have been an offsides call on Costly but this was the result going into half time.
Penalty kick in the 64th minute by Walter Ayoví and his left foot puts the ball into the goalie’s box where Enner Valencia finds it again. Enner heads in his 3rd goal of the tournament. Putting Ecuador into the lead.
Although Honduras has played 8 world cup matches they are winless. There is passion. Defense is not horrible. It could tighten up a bit but is serviceable. But they are not getting enough pressure on offense. And not taking their opportunities.
Ecuador needs to do a lot of the same. Their defense was better than Honduras. But they missed on a lot of offensive opportunities. Mostly glaringly was on corner kicks. They seemed to squander those opportunities. But they are able to win outside of altitude indeed.
Also another first; the two coaches meeting in this game in the last World Cup the opposite country was in they coached. In other words the current Honduran coach Luis F. Suarez was Ecuador’s coach in their last World Cup and R. Rueda the current Ecuadorian coach was Honduras’ coach in their last World Cup.

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