Belgium 1 – Russia 0

First half was missed opportunities. Belgium in unsupported set pieces. No real movement on set pieces that seemed too threatening. And their chances were ruined by the lack of support upfront.
Russia missed on breakaways. Most disappointing was Aleksandr Kokorin missed header.

Second half had more of the same.

Finally in 87th minute Belgium broke through. Substitute Divock Origi was able to score a rocket from just outside goal box. Origi worked with Eden Hazard to move up the goalie right-side to get into position. Supporting one another to finally get the score that they lacked. Their teamwork was what made the goal possible. Without it; the score would have stayed level as it started.

Russia is known for its defense. Along with its stagnant offense that is reliant more on chance and luck than skill. Essentially they suffocate a win out of you. But today they just showed that lacking offense. Now they are going to have to beat Algeria to move forward. This tournament has shown that nothing is given easily. They should have played to win but it looked like they were just playing to draw and take away one point. Not only did they not get that; they are now behind the eight ball in their next game.

Belgium is usually a much bigger threat to score. But is seems like they were discombobulated most of the game. Also a bit tentative when it came to taking a real shot. If they had taken their limited number of shots quicker; they might have had more of a chance. But they did not support one another. Letting opportunity after opportunity slip by. Until they finally worked together. Good for them it was not too late. They get three points. They are on to the round of 16.

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